School Programs

The Meadowlands Environment Center provides comprehensive environmental education for schools and the general public.

Environmental programming spans the spectrum of K-12, undergraduate, and graduate education; and life-long learning. The Center offers “MarshAccess” programs for people living with disabilities.   All programs provide participants with hands-on opportunities in environmental science, history and astronomy.

Ramapo College educators teach the K through 12 programs, which meet New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards, providing a valuable supplement to the student’s education. Students have the opportunity to study ecology, chemistry, biology, physics, natural history and geology. Outdoor field-based lessons centered on the New Jersey Meadowlands marsh ecosystem inspire awareness and stewardship of the Meadowlands and its wildlife. Students observe plants and animals specific to our environment which in turn fosters an interest in science and increases their scientific literacy. Those who utilize the NJSEA’s Center for Environmental and Scientific Education will learn by example how the building works to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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