Case One – Ramavalley Estates

Dr. Curie was disturbed – she knew the radiation was coming from her home and was very worried about her children and about the other houses in Ramavalley Estates.

She immediately placed a call to the Ramford Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to report the incident and discuss what should be done. The DEP called your environmental consulting company because of its reputation and impeccable record.

On the basis of the call from the Ramford DEP and the values from Dr. Curie’s “film badge” the company decided to hire Dr. Halpern from the Ramford University Physics Department as a consultant. Dr. Halpern and members of the Company’s field team decided to visit Ramavalley Estates with Geiger counters; other instruments to measure radioactivity; and equipment to collect air samples.

As soon as the team entered Dr. Curie’s house the Geiger counter began to click at more than ten times the rate expected for background. Other instruments indicated high levels of gamma radiation were present.