Ozone Quest


July 19
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July 20
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Ozone Quest

Monday July 19, 10:00 AM - Office of the Superintendent of Schools, Ramford County.

Monthly meeting of the city of Ramford Principals Association.   

Ramford City Schools Board of Ed

Dr. Stan Dersize-Tester, Superintendent of schools Ramford County calls the meeting to order and reminds the group that their normal agenda has been suspended to hear a report from the task force to examine the potential causes of the trend of excessive student absences from many schools in the city of Ramford.

Dr. Bea Ontime, Chair of the City of Ramford Principals association, and head of the task force, discusses the continuation of the disturbing trend in increase student absences because of respiratory problems (bronchitis, asthma, upper respiratory infections).

Dr. Faith Infairplay, member of the task force and head of RASS the Ramford Association of School Sports adds that there has also been an increase in numbers of students who are unable to effectively compete in organized athletics such as football, baseball, soccer, track and field etc.   

Dr. Bea Ontime has invited Dr. Epi Glottis from the Ramford Department of Health (DOH) and Dr. Odum Niche from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to discuss the results of a five year air quality study at four stations in the city of Ramford. 

Dr. Niche reports that data indicate and increase in the number of Ozone alert days suggesting that there has been a degradation of air quality in the city.

The principals express concern and question the potential linkage between the air quality and the trend in absenteeism.  Dr. Glottis reports that the study is just beginning to investigate this and asks Dr. Dersize-Testerís help in providing data to the DOH and DEP.

Dr. Dersize-Tester agrees to help the study in any way possible by providing any data that the DEP and DOH need.

Dr. Niche and Dr. Glottis leave the meeting at 11:45 AM.

Discussion of the issue continues.  Dr. Bea Ontime and a group of principals tell all the members of the Association that they believe that the any improvement in the air quality in the city will have a positive affect on respiratory problems, absences, and the sports programs. 

They ask the Association to consider a motion to support BREATH - Bring Ramfordís Effected Air To Health - the group that is in favor of banning all vehicular traffic from downtown Ramford. 

The motion passes and it is agreed that Dr. Bea Ontime contact the offices of BREATH to coordinate activities.  

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