Investigation Overview

The Ramford University School of Veterinary Medicine’s new faculty member, Dr. P.B. Galena, has become aware of several incidents of unusual deaths and illnesses in pets, domesticated animals, and wildlife in Ramford County over the last year.


Chocolate labrador retriever puppy in front of white background

A retriever puppy who stopped playing, became lethargic, disoriented, and developed diarrhea after digging many holes in the yard of an old farm house.





07d48ae2bad51cae03ae4cfe38ecc3f2A pet rabbit stopped eating, became very irritable and had trouble hopping on both legs during the renovation of a day care center in an old mansion in downtown Ramford.




Mute-SwansA pair of dead swans found in a lake at a fishing, hunting, and skeet shooting club.





mother-catA cat unable to stand upright after giving birth to six kittens at the Ramalives Battery Recycling Company and lead smelter.





20-19-im-Fish_Image-5620A fish kill in the local creek near the old Ramford County Municipal Garage.





DoctorDr. Galena has contacted the Ramford County Department of Environmental Protection because she is concerned that these and other incidents may suggest a problem with levels of lead in the environment of Ramford County that could be affecting the animals and human inhabitants.



Your Task

Your Task