Task: Ms Perdont

Ms. Francine Perdont has hired your environmental consulting firm as her team of experts to present the case FOR the reintroduction of DDT to fight the SRRV virus in the debates which will take place in Ramford County.

The SRRV Task Force has set the format of the debate: each team will prepare and present a THREE MINUTE argument in support of their major positions and a TWO MINUTE rebuttal. A FIVE MINUTE summation reiterating the most important points made by team members will be given by either Ms. Perdont or the team coordinator. Arguments must be made about the following FIVE MAJOR ISSUES.

 1. The possible routes of exposure to DDT for people and wildlife in the County.

2. The risks and effects of exposure to DDT for humans.

3. The risks and effects of exposure to DDT for wildlife.

4. The extent of the potential SRRV problem in Ramford County.

5. Strategies for controlling the mosquito vector (short and long term).