Thursday January 4. Dr Now’s Office

Thursday, January 4
9:00 AM – Dr. Now’s office<Emergency meeting of the SRRV Task Force to discuss the evolving “Ramford SRRV Situation”.

Commissioner Niche states that before any decision is announced the Task Force must take a pro-active roll and involve the community in the process as soon as possible. He proposes that the SRRV Task Force:

1. Host a series of informational debates in Ramford to inform the public about the SRRV virus, the mosquito vector, the possible hosts, the pest control options, and the risks and potential benefits of reintroducing DDT. These debates would be presented by teams of experts chosen by Ms. Perdont and Mr. Moss.

2. Follow these debates with a period of time for public comment; including a series of meetings in which the public has the opportunity to speak, ask questions and submit written comments.

3. Include the public’s input in the Task Forces’ final report and recommendation about the reintroduction of DDT.

After discussion, the Task Force supports Commissioner Niche’s proposal. Ms. Perdont and Mr. Moss agree on the rules for the public debates and the meeting is adjourned.