Wednesday January 3

Wednesday Jan. 3

The “Ramford SRRV Situation” makes national headlines.County and State offices are inundated by phone calls, e-mails, and faxes from concerned citizens, environmental groups, agricultural, and business organizations expressing support or outrage concerning the proposal to re-introduce DDT.

Ms. Perdont and Mr. Moss appear on Larry King Live and engage in a heated debate in which:

Ms. Perdont Mr. Moss
Ms. Perdont states that Mr. Moss’ position against the re-introduction of DDT would “.. place the population of Ramford and adjacent areas in grave jeopardy from SRRV – and, if there are any deaths this mosquito season – he(Mr. Moss) would bear some responsibility” Mr. Moss asserts that Ms. Perdont’s proposal to re-introduce DDT “. ignores viable alternatives, endangers the health of wildlife and humans, and needlessly frightens the public”.