Dr Herman Hon

Tuesday January 2
9:00 AM – Ramford County Department of Health
Meeting Minutes Attendance

Dr. Herman Hon the Director of the SRRV Task Force reports that SRRV is transmitted by the Aedes aegyptimosquito which is the same species that transmits Urban Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever. Because of the wide distribution of Aedes aegypti and the involvement of birds there are many areas in adjacent states receptive to the establishment of a SRRV epidemic. He presented the most likely SRRV cycle.




WILD BIRDS and CHICKENS are the primary hosts

AMPLIFICATION occurs by Aedes aegypti and by pecking among birds;

HUMAN HOSTS are infected when bitten by an Aedes aegypti carrying SRRV from a bird or from another human.


Local Winter Reservoirs in adult and eggs of Aedes aegypti and birds has not been confirmed.