March 5 – 10:00 a.m.

BuildingLOCATION : Historic District in the city of Ramford in Ramford County.

Congresswomen Savers and the Commissioner (Dr.) Odum Niche from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) meet

Dr. Betsy Ross-Hamilton, Chair of the History Department;

Dr. Virga Stratus, Meteorology Professor,

Dr. P.H. Zwitterion, Chair of the Chemistry Department from Ramford University in the Historic District of the city of Ramford.

Dr. Ross-Hamilton, vice-president of the Ramford County Historic Society, consulted Dr. Stratus and Dr. Zwitterion when she began to notice marked deterioration of the surface of statues and mill buildings constructed during the Revolutionary War period in Ramford City.

Virga and P.H. concluded that the damage is being caused by acid precipitation, which has been a chronic problem in Ramford County for more than 15 years. They arranged the meeting with Flora Savers and Commissioner Niche to inspect the pitted statues and crumbling façades of several buildings in the historic district surrounding the Great Falls of the Ramford River.

The citizens of Ramford County are proud of role that the Ramford Mills and the City had in the early history and the industrial development of the US. All concerned wish to insure that the Historic District is maintained.

Congresswomen Savers and Commissioner Niche tell this group that an Acid Precipitation Action Panel (APAP) will be established immediately.