March 3 – 3:00 pm


LOCATION : The Renapi’s casino and eco-tourism facility in Ramford County.

Congresswoman Savers is met by George Sweetwater, Chief of the Renapi, and the Tribal Council.

They are joined by Beaurogard (Bo) Saw from the Loggers Organization for Global Sustainability ( LOGS ) and

Douglas Fir from Preservationists of Indigenous and Natural Environments (PINE).

Bo Saw and Douglas Fir have serious concerns about the effects of acid precipitation on the health of the forests in and surrounding the Renapi reservation. They have agreed to join forces and work to solve the problems that are causing the degradation of the vegetation in Ramford County.

The group takes Congresswomen Savers to see six lakes in and near the Renapi reservation and describe the changes that have occurred over the last 15-20 years.

They provide data showing the reduction in pH and the decrease in aquatic plant and animal life that have accompanied the changes in the acidity of the water.

They also hike on several old logging roads in the reservation to examine the damage to the forests

Flora Savers is dismayed by the extend of the damage to this relatively undisturbed area of Ramford and agrees to:

  • Discuss the situation with Commissioner Niche of the DEP when she returns to her office.
  • Set up a committee to devise a plan of action.