Your environmental consulting firm has been offered the opportunity to present information on ONE of the following topics at the Public Forum on Acid Precipitation.

Acid Precipitation TOPICS                 

  • Company 1 – The types and causes of acid precipitation.
  • Company 2 – The trends over time for pH levels of surface-water and precipitation in Ramford County.
  • Company 3 – The point and non-point-source contributors to acid precipitation for Ramford County.
  • Company 4 – The effects of acid precipitation on terrestrial ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, and inorganic materials (i.e. buildings, cars, etc.).
  • Company 5 – How much economic damage is being caused in Ramford.
  • Company 6 – The technology to remove acidic pollutants and to prevent them from entering the environment.


The APAP has set the format of the Public Forum:

Your company will prepare and make a 10 MINUTE presentation on the acid precipitation topic your company was assigned.