Summer Camp

One Day Field Trips for Summer Recreation Camps

(Please note:  Programs are not for individual children. If interested, please contact your town’s recreation department. )

July 6 through August 4, 2017

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Maximum number of children per day: 80

Program cost per day: $15 per child

Pre-Registration Required!

For more information or to make a reservation, please see brochure below or call Jenny at 201-460-8300 or Michele at 201-460-4623.

2017 Summer Camp Brochure (PDF version)

Choose your program based on grade level, all programs available all dates:

Image of a dragonfly

Incredible Insects

Learn about the largest group of animals in the world! Investigate insect characteristics and then go outdoors to collect samples and make field observations. Discover what insects live in the Meadowlands and why they love it here.

Ages: Entering Kindergarten & 1

Marsh Muckers

Visit the salt marsh and get acquainted with the animals and plants that live in our wetlands environment. After introducing the turtles, fish and birds that live here we will go for a guided walk outdoors to see how many we can find. A marsh craft activity is also included.

Ages: Entering Kindergarten & Grade 1
Image of a shorebird

Image of children on boardwalk

Astounding Adaptations

What helps animals and plants survive in the wild? Experiment with tools to learn how animals have adapted so they can eat, walk, fly or swim in their environment. Go on a scavenger hunt outdoors to find the special adaptations our local animals have that help them live in nature.

Ages: Entering Grades 2 & 3


 Marsh Explorers

Get outdoors and learn about the salt marsh! Investigate the animals and plants that call the Meadowlands home, and discover why they thrive here. Observe the inhabitants in their natural surroundings and examine live specimens and taxidermies in our science classrooms.

Ages: Entering Grades 2 & 3
Image of museum

Image of galaxy

Astro Adventures

How well do you know the neighbors? Learn about the sun, the moon, the solar system and the tools astronomers use to study them. Discover how important the sun is, including how its movement affects our seasons and ways we can use its energy to help us in our everyday lives. A visit to the William D. McDowell Observatory will be included, weather permitting.

Ages: Entering Grades 4, 5 & 6

Salt Marsh Safari

Take an in-depth look at the brackish water in the Meadowlands marsh by collecting and examining the creatures that live in it. Identify the main components of the local Meadowlands marsh food chain and consider how we can help it stay healthy. Learn about local plants and animals on a guided field walk.

Ages: Entering Grades 4, 5 & 6
Image of people dip netting