School Vacation Day Camps

Adventures in the Meadowlands

Just because your child is off from school, that doesn’t mean learning needs to take a break too!  The Meadowlands Environment Center is offering Vacation Day programs to children in grades 1 through 5.  Age appropriate, hands-on activities will be offered to encourage exploration, learning, and discovery to make sure your child is getting the most out of their day off from school.  Designed to meet the needs of working parents, Vacation Day camps are offered from 7:30am until 5:30pm.

Cost: $80 per day, per child (morning and afternoon snack included)

Regular Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Before Care or After Care Hours:  Available for an additional $20, beginning at 7:30 am and/or ending at 5:30 pm

Dates: April 14, 17, 18, 19

Space is limited and pre-registration required.  

Register Here

Upon registering, you will receive an email providing you

with the required paperwork listed below.

To be placed on a waiting list, please complete the Waiting List form.

Note: Each day is different so any child participating on more than one day will not repeat a program. Come to one; come to all!

Adventure Options

Vacation Day Camps Flyer

Habitat Hunters

Grades 1 – 3


Fantastic stories have long been told of dark, soggy places where hungry monsters with gnashing teeth dwell.  Though such places do exist there aren’t any monsters living in them.  So what does?  As a habitat hunter in our vacation day camp, you’ll find out firsthand. Each stand-alone day will involve new and exciting investigations, from experiments with exotic soils and the animals that live in them, to explorations of the aquatic world including an up-close look at live fish, turtles, and other animals that inhabit the Meadowlands. Each day will include a practical take-home craft you can use to explore the various habitats of the Meadowlands and around your home.


Environmental Explorers

Grades 4 – 5


Each day of this day camp will focus on a different natural science topic, such as astronomy, water, plants, or animals.  There will be hands-on lessons, games, and themed arts & crafts that are all content-based and correlated to the same standards adhered to in schools.  Weather permitting, we will try to include some time outside every day, so please dress appropriately.


After registering online, you will receive a separate email from an administrator requesting the following:

  • Completion of an online form so that we can learn more about your child and obtain emergency contact information. The direct link will be within the email.
  • Completion of  the Universal Child Health Record including immunization history.  This is mandatory and must be completed by a healthcare professional. This form will be attached to the email.
  • A copy of your child’s insurance card.
  • Payment in full in the form of cash or a check made payable to the Ramapo College Foundation.

The above must be provided 5 days prior to the start of the program and mailed to:

The Meadowlands Environment Center

2 DeKorte Park Plaza

PO Box 640

Lyndhurst, NJ 07070

Re: Vacation Day Camp

Failure to provide these requirements 5 days prior, will result in your child being deregistered.

Note: If your child has any learning needs that are addressed in their school setting via accommodations outlined in an IEP or a 504-plan, we respectfully request information on how we can best meet your child’s needs at our facility.  Indicating this when completing the online form regarding your child, will result in contact from Michele Daly, Director of Disability Education. Our staff is very familiar with educating children with all types of learning needs and the presence of a disability will not preclude your child from attending.  Our science building, environment center, outdoor trails, and restrooms are all accessible; however, if your child needs an aide, a nurse, or specialized attention by a qualified third-party at any possible time during the day, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide such a person.  If you would like to reach Michele Daly directly, she can be reached by Email or at 201-460-4623.