In-School Programs

In-School Programs

Staff from the Meadowlands Environment Center will provide programs at your school during the day.

Jumpstart on Science (PDF version)

School District Provides:                                                 Meadowlands Environment Center Provides:

     –   Space                                                                              –  Staffing for the program

     –   Tables and chairs                                                         –   All supplies and equipment

Program Offerings

Customized programs to reinforce your curriculum also available!



K — 1st




Have fun and learn about trees!  Make Leave prints and a newspaper planter.



2nd — 3rd


H2O Olympics

Have fun and learn about the properties of water through games and activities.   Compete for prizes!


2nd — 4th



Fish, Fish, Fish

Learn the difference between Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes, plus all you ever wanted to know about fish.    Bring a T-shirt and make a fish print.


4th — 6th


Learn about these incredible,  edible wonders.  Who lays them?  How big can they be?  How long do they take to hatch?  We will play some fun egg games and do an egg craft.

Priority registration available (until September 1st) for school’s interested in bringing their students for a follow-up visit at the Meadowlands Environment Center later in the school year. 

Program Fee:
Between 25—50 students, $17/student
Over 50 students, $15/student
Traveling fee based upon distance

For more information and availability, please contact:

Michele Daly at 201-460-4623