Whether you have an entire class of students who are academically gifted and talented or you have a smaller group of students brought together to cover curriculum as the schedule allows, we have programs developed to meet both needs.  Our convocations (listed below) are topic, date and grade specific, while our year-long programs offer more topic choices and scheduling flexibility.  Information on both can be found on this page.

Year-long Programs

All of our school programs are offered on an advanced academic level and can be scheduled throughout the year. We prefer to be notified in advance to ensure the appropriate space is reserved as advanced programs require combined locations, which cannot be done through the online system.  If you choose to select an advanced program and register online without notifying us prior, please indicate in the comments that your students are G&T and that you’ll be paying the full day price of $25 per student.  The actual cost of your program will not be quoted or registered correctly, therefore, you will need to request an accurate invoice and confirm your reservation.

For more information please call 201-460-4623 or complete our Interest Form and you will be contacted.

For recommendations November through April, please visit our brochure: G&T 2017-2018 (PDF Version)



MEC Convocations 2017-2018 (PDF Version)

Our most popular offerings were originally developed for our partnerships with G&T Consortiums, where several towns within a county bring their students together for one specific topic per grade.  These programs are as follows:

The Environment Through Artists’ Eyes  –  4th Grade Only  

  • Offered on two back-to-back days in early December.

This two-day program allows children to explore their surroundings through visual art.  The program will begin at a professional art museum (typically Newark Museum or Montclair Art Museum) where the MEC staff will introduce students to how artists have historically portrayed the environment, together with the vocabulary of the elements of art.  Day Two will be held at the MEC, exploring and field sketching outdoors.  Returning inside, each student will create a personal work of art to portray the environment through his or her own eyes.  All works are put on display and shared in a student gallery at the end of the day.  Students bring their artwork home.  MATCHES TO: Practices; Developing and using models; Planning and carrying out investigations; Cross-cutting concepts; Patterns; and Scale, Proportion and Quantity. 

Solar Astronomy  –  5th Grade Only

  • Offered between February 5th and 9th 

The Sun Through Time is a one day convocation featuring drama, technology, and model demonstrations, all in support of understanding our closest star.  Students will participate in modules highlighting human understanding of the Sun through history with themes such as ancient sundials, telescope development, and modern solar energy.  The convocation will culminate in student presentations with a creative spin.  NGSS: MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, MS-ETS1-4, MS-PS3-2, MS-PS3-3

CSI  –  6th Grade  (similar 4th/5th grade version available)

  • Offered between January 4th and 12th

Forensic Science is the star of this one day program, where students will investigate a (fictitious) crime scene in our Science Building.  Students will learn how to properly collect, analyze, and document evidence in one of several forensic specialties, such as fingerprinting, hair & fur, tracks, fragments, or ink analysis.  Forensic groups will then present their evidence findings to “law enforcement” and discuss building a criminal case.  Do we have enough to know “Who Done It”.  NGSS: MS-PS1-2, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3

Environmental Planning  –  7th and 8th Grade Only

  • Offered between February 26th and March 6th

Not everyone lives by the water, but everyone lives in a watershed.  In this one day experience, middle school students will consider the development of a riverside community.  Introductory materials on topography and water issues (quantity, quality, point vs. nonpoint source pollution) will inform their decisions.  Each classroom team will create a large 3-D town model, trying to balance human land use needs and environmental conservation.  Projects will be presented and evaluated on a rubric for their overall sustainability.  NGSS: MS-ESS3-3, MS-LS2-4, MS-LS2-5, MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, MS-ETS1-4


  • General Admission (MEC): $15 per student, per program, per day (teachers/chaperones are free)
  • Museum fee (4th grade):  Newark charges $10 per person (teachers/chaperones too) and a $30 booking fee
  • Supply fee (6th grade): $100 per day to be divided among the number of schools attending the same day
  • Supply fee (7th/8th grade): $75 per day to be divided among the number of schools attending the same day

For more information please call 201-460-4623 or complete our Interest Form and you will be contacted. Registration for these programs only are taken over the phone.